What is the Join Cloudeka Partner Program ?
Partners who leverage Cloudeka to build solutions and services for customers.  helps Partners build, market, and sell cloudeka services offering. Cloudeka Partners are positioned as Reseller and Wholesales.


Partner Program

Cloudeka offers programs to help succeed any stage of partner cloud adoption journey. Unlock more benefits and programs as you progress through your Cloudeka Partner journey.
Cloudeka Partner Programs provide with benefits and promotional support including increased visibility, opportunities, access to benefits and go-to-market resources, and more


What requirement to Partner ?

Information Image

Detail data about Corporate email, Job Tittle, Job Function, Phone Number

Cloudeka Solution Interest Image
Cloudeka Solution Interest

Cloudeka will provide product update and information about SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Network, DBaaS, Security with subscribe model. 

Interest to Join Image
Interest to Join

Partner have a choose the option as Reseller, Wholesales and Both.

Contract Confirmation Image
Contract Confirmation

Validation for Contract confirmation based on full fill on data as above and record by system as justification partner already register to Cloudeka Partner Program.

The Partner Program

What is Reseller Tier?

Program supported by Cloudeka to offer Tier Mapping (Register, Gold, Platinum level)  by Partner which act as Reseller. Partner using Cloudeka brand to offer B2B scheme to user. 

Reseller Requirement Cloudeka Register Partner Cloudeka Gold Partner Cloudeka Platinum Partner
Join Cloudeka Partner
Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Cloudeka Sales
Fundamental Certification
- 2 4
Cloudeka Technical
- 2 Associates,
1 Professional
3 Associates,
2 Professionals
Launched Opportunity* - >= Rp 50.000.000/MRR >= Rp 100.000.000/MRR
Deal Registration Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Terms & Conditions
  • Monitoring Quarterly by Cloudeka for partner status and launched opportunity.
  • Technical and administration will fullfill by partner considering to upgrade level Partner.
  • Target launched Opportunity will impact to Rebate program.*
  • Each Opportunity mandatory to fill in Deal registration program.
  • Each Partner will get special  discount level for Deka Flexi related on Tier Partner level.

Benefit Tier Upgrade

Register Gold Platinum
Education Insight
Partner Report
Partner Product Enablement
Recognition & Award
Promotional Offer
Cloudeka Partner Badge
Cloudeka Rebate Program*
GTM & Event
Terms & Conditions
  • Rebate program claimed a once with target achieve MRR related on Partner level. MRR monitor by quarterly.*
  • Rebate program applicable only Dexa Flexi Product: 
    • Gold Partner: free 4 vCPU and 4 GB vRAM during 1 Year.
    • Platinum Partner: free 8 vCPU and 8 GB vRAM during 1 Year. 

If you are interested...
Let’s become a partner!

Get more offers programs and unlock benefits as you progress through your Cloudeka Partner journey.



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