What is Server? and How Does it Work?

19 July 2022 | admin

What is server? Everyone must at least have ever heard of a server. When we use the Internet, we are actually using Server. Its existence really is necessary because it is related to the Internet connection.

Apart from all of that, do you really know what a server is? Read the explanation below to know it further.

What is Server and How Important It Is? 

A server is a computer or a device that has been widely used to manage the connection resources. A server also offers a service to a computer program whose users are called clients. To make it simple, a server is a machine that assists organizations by providing a set of device and connection systems with adequate resources. 

What exactly is the purpose of using the server? It is none other than managing network resources, starting from sending data, controlling access, receiving and sending email, and several other things. With a local network, a server is connected to a router that is used by all the other computers on the network, which can be used to access various features up to the server's services.

How Server Works

A server works when there are special requests from clients who are connected to the same network. The client will send a request to the server, if the request has been received, then the server will process it to completion.

After that, a server will return it to its client who has sent the request. A server will also manage the connection resources and perform intense calculations. Even some servers have committed to perform certain tasks.

Due to one of its tasks to provide an environment with all the requirements needed to run and develop applications, therefore servers are divided into several types as follows:

  1. Cloud server, a virtual server that runs on a Cloud environment. 
  2. Web server, in most cases refers to hardware, which is the computer that will store a virtual server software and website file components. In terms of software, it involves a few other parts that have full control of how a website accesses the hosted file.
  3. Mail server, a computer system that can send and receive email.
  4. Application server, a software that resides in between of operating system (OS), external resource, and user applications. 
  5. DNS, or Domain Name Services, is a system that can convert a domain name into an IP address, which browsers use to load pages on the Internet.


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Although divided into several types, in general, all servers offer several features to the network they serve, including:

  1. Serves several devices and users that will keep growing.
  2. Provides high-power of processing with increased RAM and CPU specifications with the aim of reducing network workloads.
  3. Ensures the system remains online or available.
  4. Saves costs over time, because basically a server can help to reduce pressure on a network device.

A server can do everything a standard desktop computer does and more. On the other hand, the computer can run server processes, but so far it has been less productive. Generally, servers offer those features to the networks they serve.

That's the explanation of what a server is and how important it is

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