The Use of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

In the business world, Artificial Intelligence plays many important roles. This is the reason why until now there are many examples of Artificial Intelligence. One of the most popular is the Chatbot which we often find on websites and/or applications.


What is a FAQ? Does a website really need it?

What is a FAQ? FAQ or Frequently Asked Question is the most important part of the website that contains a list of general questions that visitors look for, it is either about a company’s detail, product or service, or any other information available on the website.


What is Cloud Native and Why is It Important?

Nowadays, Cloud Native has become a trend for companies who run the applications on Cloud. The Cloud Native-based application is designed for Cloud infrastructures by harnessing the advantage of the Cloud as follows: -Cost-effective -Designed for scalability -Portable More reliable if a failure occurs, there will be no effect on other microservices


2 Simple Reasons You Need Cloud Backup

No matter the size of your company, you still require managing crucial business data. Nowadays, data is stored electronically. A Cloud Backup can be one of the options to store data, especially when natural disasters or electronic glitches occur.